August 23, 2012

New Product: Estee Lauder Invisible Fluid Makeup 24.08.12

So this week I ran out of tinted moisturiser.......sacrilege! I know I know, but hey when you and bub are sick makeup and looking pretty is the last thing on your mind as most of you mums would know!  After our bout of the cold/flu we were going off to lunch when I realised that I had nothing to put on my face!!!!Thank god for those free sachets that come with most fashion mags, usually I don't even look at these but this time I went riffling through my latest editions and the 1st one I came across was the Estee Lauder Invisible Fluid Makeup and I was pleasantly surprised. So off I hoped to DJ's and picked me self up some.....I'll let you know what I think of it after a few wears.I think it might be a goodie for summer, nice and light.

L xx

August 21, 2012

Street Style from Copenhagen: 21.08.12

I am completely obsessed with everything that is Scandinavian. Check out these fashionable ladies street style pics.....

L xx


August 11, 2012

Master Bedroom re-style: 10.08.2012

My last post I told you we are getting a new wardrobe for our bedroom (which I am sooooo excited about!) I received the phone call yesterday from Stegbar confirming installation for Monday! 

Besides the new wardrobe being installed I think it is time that we treated ourselves to a few other goodies to finish off our room. We have never really purchased anything for our bedroom so I have made the executive decision that we should add a little style to the boudoir. Here are a few things that I am thinking......What do you think?? 

The feature chair: 

I am completely undecided on the chair. Please Help!!! Do I go with the Eames DSW side chair in smoke/maple timber legs or high gloss white/maple timber..... OR

pic: Matt Blatt
pic: Matt Blatt

the Kartell Louis Ghost chair from Space? This is to sit in the corner of the room with a desk.
pic: Space furniture

Wall Feature:

For above the bed I am thinking this Large Bamileke feather Juju hat in off white from Table Tonic possibly on a coloured feature wall?? OR do we stay with white, white, white?

pic: Table Tonic

Bedside Lighting:

For the lighting beside the bed I'm considering these funky pendent lights from Empirical Style. We can either have these installed from the ceiling or alternatively plug into wall socket (like a normal lamp) and hang off a hook.

pic: Empirical Style

Bedside table:

and finally for the all important bed side table..... 
either a mini mega pine block from Mark Tuckey or the compobibili 2 door storage unit from Space.

pic: Space Furniture

pic: Mark Tuckey

Please throw any suggestions my way..... Hope you are having a great Saturday 


August 01, 2012

Wardrobe Moment: 01.08.12

Ever since Carrie Bradshaw sashayed in to our lives way back when, I have as i am sure many woman have, dreamt about having a walk in robe filled to the brim with amazing designer outfits, bags and shoes. may not be a walk in robe and it may not be filled to the brim with designer goodies but we are getting our new wardrobe installed! Woop Woop! I have just ordered from mei + picchi some white timber hangers and now looking at some storage boxes to store all my winter goodies. I'll keep you posted with some images of our wardrobe as it is installed.

L xx