March 24, 2013

Gwynnie Love: 24.03.13

So if you're not already signed up to Gwyneth Paltrow's GOOP blog then get cracking! 
It's sooo good! 

Whether it be for travel tips, recipes or fashion, because Gwynnie is just so cool you want to do, make and wear everything she suggests. This weeks GOOP email was 
"The Annual Spring Edit" and here are two of my favourite 'edits'... and yes I would like it all.

 you can purchase this outfit in most of its entirety here

 and you can also purchase this outfit here.

Happy Weekend.


March 11, 2013

New Stock:Bird Meets Bliss 11.03.13

Yay! The fabulous pieces from Bird Meets Bliss arrived this morning!!!  

I am so thrilled to introduce you to this gorgeous boutique home wares label.
Check out some of the amazing pieces that arrived and online now at Style Trader.

These 100% linen 4 piece napkin sets in aztech print will be the talking point of the table. So pretty in either natural or white linen and available in 4 different aztech colourways. Pink, Aqua, Yellow or Peach
Check the out here.

We also received some gorgeous new pillowcase sets! 

The first is the "When I dream I dream of you" set. These adorable 100% cotton pillowcases are hand screen printed and sit perfectly together on any love birds bed and fills up the room with so much colour and love!
Purchase them here.

The second pillowcase sets to arrive are the adorable scallop prints. Available in pink, aqua, peach, blue and black. They are the perfect addition to any bed room.

Get in quick ladies as there are only limited numbers of these lovely pieces from Bird Meets Bliss.

Happy Monday!

L xx

March 01, 2013

Sneaker Freaker: 01.03.13

So I am currently in the midst of organising my winter wardrobe.This is what the girls at work and I would be doing this time of year.  A new collection was about to be sold in Paris and we would have to get our personal orders in ASAP. We would go through all the samples and line sheets and edit out our wardrobes for the season.This was the best part of my job I absolutely LOVED it!But now I have to make do with my "mood wall"...... So this morning when walking into the home office I noticed that I had about 10 pairs of sneakers up on the wall... yup I am officially a "sneaker freaker"
So here are my inspirations 

 pic: Man Repellar

pic: google

 Leandra from the Man Repellar and Phoebe Philo both in their Nike Air max. 
These are top on my wish list, just need to find the right colour combo.

pic: sincerely jules blog
The uber cool, Julie from Sincerely Jules rocking a pair of animal print Nikes.

pic: street style
The ever stylish Isabel Marant's, still a highly coveted sneaker this season.

pic: street style
and the Nike these red in these!My black and whites arrived early last week.
So there you have it, my sneaker fetish.
What are you currently coveting for winter, leather, knits, animal print,camo?

Have a great weekend!
L xx