March 04, 2014

Fashion: The Leather Backpack

So my best friends, family and all of you who have been reading le blog may know me as a lady that does kinda like her handbags! The leather, the hardware and the shear joy of a new handbag never fades. Yes Ill admit, my choice in some bags are rather unconventional especially for a Mumma of a little fella.Generally my bag contains Tupperware, buses, trains, matchbox cars, nappies, drink bottles, chips blah blah blah you get the idea. STUFF THAT ISN'T MINE! 

So to mix things up a bit I may have just solved all my problems….The leather backpack! 

I have totally fallen head over heals for the Prisim Skeletal backpack by Alexander Wang (as seen above).

What do you think?? Could this be a stylish/mummy friendly option….

L xx

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