December 06, 2011

A Very Happy Little Camper

Yesterday we got back from our week away, it was sad to leave our beach house but also nice to get home. To my delight there were a few goodies in the letterbox (which had built up over the week) 3 of my magazine subscriptions arrived in the one week, how very timely. Inside Out, Australian House & Garden and Real Living

pic: me

Whilst away on our little holiday it has given me time to think about what "house projects" we can do.... We bought our house 4 months ago, it was almost completely renovated, the bathrooms and kitchen are done (and more importantly to my liking) however the colour of our walls and the colour of the carpet are a little less to be desired, they vary from cream, to beige, to egg shell ewwwww! I always wanted to get rid of the horrible cream carpet and replace it with a shade of dark grey carpet and paint all the walls a crisp white. However to my complete and utter surprise our carpet is covering original FLOOR BOARDS! Yippee!!

I can not explain the pure excitement that came over me when this discovery was made, my husband was a little less impressed that I was pulling up the carpet in all corners of the room. I am thinking that when we pull up the carpet and sand them back we should have them stained dark or black. What are your thoughts?

Christmas is a little over 2 weeks away and last night Baby O, Charlie the cavoodle and I put up the Chrissy tree.I have not had a chance to do any Chrissy shopping so that will be a priority for me this week.  It will be our first Christmas with Baby O. Mr P and I are looking forward to this Christmas enormously. 

Happy hump day peeps.

L xx

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