February 23, 2012

Beautiful Day: 23.02.12

What a fabulous summer day! It really could not have been any better, not a cloud in the sky and not to humid. Absolute Perfection!

Pic: Beach @ 10:30am

Breakfast: My day started with this peach. It didn't just look amazing it tasted delightful.Mmm summer fruits, one of the best parts of summer.

After breaky Oscar and I joined Mr.P at the beach after his early morn surf for a walk and coffee.
It really was a beautiful morning and I couldn't think of a better way to start the day.

On my way home I popped into my hairdresser's at Suki salon and picked up a new hairbrush 
"the tangle teezer". This brush flexes upon contact with hair avoiding damage and breakage. It is a revolution in detangling hair.
This is a fab little brush that you can use day to day or in the shower while conditioning and/or pampering your hair with a treatment. For only $29.95 I highly recommend.


I hope this beautiful weather continues into the weekend....What are your plans?

L xx


  1. I love your sunglasses! Who are they by if you don't mind me asking? That beach looks amazing too- so blue!

    -Gen x

    1. Hi gen,
      My sunnies are from Karen walker. They are called 'number one'. She has some amazing sunnies.... Perfect for this nice weather. Happy Friday!

      Lisa xx

    2. Gotta get me one of those brushes! xx

    3. Linds, I highly recommend it!!! You can purchase them online at www.tangle-teezer.com.au.....my hair is feeling AMAZING!

    4. sold!!! and they have free shipping!! thanks for the link x