April 06, 2012

The Week that was: 6.4.12

What a week..... the floor boards for majority of our house were started and completed this week and what a massive difference it has made.......check out the before & after shot! I know in a previous blog I had mentioned that I had made the decision of going with a lime washed board....sadly this had been discontinued and the alternate options just didn't tickle my fancy, so we went with NSW brushbox, which looks great against white and probably a little more fitting with the style/era of our house.

New in: since I have not wanted to leave my house,cause I am just soooooo in love with my new floorboards I have been a tad naughty and have treated myself to some on line retail therapy. A little Bassike or Country Road anyone?!  If you haven't seen or checked out the all new looking bassike on line shop make sure you do!It is highly addictive. 

  Below are my country road purchases, these fabulous Quilt jersey jumpers which are just perfect for the "mummy sports chic look" I am trying to rock this winter.

and finally I was lucky enough to catch up with my good friend for a vino and lunch on Wednesday. Baby O, Josh and I went to the new Merewether surfhouse which was just divine....perfect weather (as you can see), perfect food, perfect company!

I hope you all have a great Easter break and the Easter bunny is very nice to you.


L xx

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