November 05, 2012

In the post today: 05.11.12

This morning I had a very early visitor at my front door.... my new bestie Mr Postman, coming to deliver a few parcels
 I honestly can't think of anything better  first thing on a Monday morning than a pile of delicious goodies arriving at your front doorHow about you?

My amazing Juju hat arrived from tabletonic - which is oh so divine. This was a 30th birthday pressie from a very dear friend and fellow blogger, Lindsay from the suburban hacienda - a must to bookmark.
 My second parcel,also from the lovely Linds was a how-to book/guide by Heidi Adnum on taking great photos. 
Ladies, this is going to be very useful in the coming months - exciting times are ahead!!!

My third and final parcel was my Inside Out magazine subscription. Yippee!!
I am so excited about the cover, I am guessing this is going to be a good issue....  

What did you get delivered today??

I would love to hear.



  1. Yay! love the juju! is the lady on the cover of inside out wearing a mr zimi number? x

    1. I can't stop looking at it everytime I walk in the room! So pretty xx
      Yup, I reckon it is....she looks so nice in it!