December 06, 2012

A day in the Life: 06.12.12

Can you bloody believe it, It is less than 3 weeks till Christmas......Ahhh

First Things first Have you made your Christmas List? 
Here are a few things on mine.
1. Petite Grand Necklace (purchase here)2. Country Road Neon orange + spot Pj's (purchase here) Rachel Castle canvas tote (purchase here) and some amazing Loeffler Randall Gladiator sandals (purchase here)

I just hoped off the phone to my husband (I think he thought I was crackers - Ha, a Christmas cracker! jeez I am hilarious) and I was telling him everything that I have to do in the lead up to Christmas,it's almost as if the world is going to end. I feel the need to be writing 50 "to do lists" and NEVER seem to get any of it done. Please tell me someone else is feeling this way?!

Anyway, this morning O and I got up bright and early and went to the beach to meet with my good friend Lainey and her sister in law and niece and nephew. The perfect way to start a day.
I enjoyed a Nudie Coconut water. Delish!

I managed to go to Beacon Lighting and pick out two ceiling fans which are getting installed next week ..... our new air conditioning units are also getting installed as well. The 40 degree heat last week sent me over the edge! I was to also pick out a pendent light for above our dining room table but got completely inundated....there were just to many!
Here are a few that I liked....suggestions please

Must be off need to start wrapping some Christmas pressies.


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