December 18, 2012

Our Christmas Table: 18.12.12

This year we are holding Christmas Day lunch at our house. Yikes! 
I certainly have alot to live up to, as my Mum is the Christmas table dresser extrodinair! 

Over the weekend I was doing a little Grocery shopping when I came across the most perfect bon bon for the Chrissy table.Enter Woolworths (yes - Woolworths) multi-coloured polka dotted bon bons! These couldn't be any more perfect for my Christmas theme.

Yesterday I ventured to my local Spotlight to purchase a few 'Preston style' Christmas table decorations.
I wanted a variety of bright coloured cotton voiles in pinks, orange's, blue's and yellow's. 
The above pic. is what I ended up with and I am very very happy with the selection I ended up with!
These are going to be used for the Christmas table decorations - table runner, Napkin holders... you get the general jist.

What do you think??

And finally my diy paper-mache "noel" letters painted in hot pink and glitter. Oscar and I had a morning of painting and making a big mess, but we had fun all while listening to none other than Michael Buble's Christmas album - Love a good Christmas tune.

I would love to hear what you are planning for your Christmas table themes.

L xx

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