January 31, 2013

My week: 31.01.13

Firstly I want to send out lots of hugs and kisses to all Queenslanders affected by the floods & storm! 
Dave and I were living in Brisbane during the 2011 floods and who ever would have thought that the so called "once in a hundred year flood" would literally happen 2 years later. It breaks my heart to think of all the people that have only just got their lives and homes back to some form of normality.
My thoughts are with you all who have been affected xoxo

pic: Marcus Bell Photography.

Happy belated Australia day! 
It seems like forever ago with everything that has gone on weather wise. We spent the morning down at Merewether beach, which was so lovely and thank goodness we did, because the next few days we would all be bailed up inside and I am pretty sure Oscar inparticular suffered severe cabin fever. Rainy days are NOT conducive for an active little person,as I am sure many of your Mumma's would agree.
 By Monday I was sick of the screaming tanties at the back door so I gave in and let him loose,Oscar couldn't get outside quick enough, even though it was still raining. 
As you can see he enjoyed himself.

How did you spend your Australia Day?

Exciting News:
 ALOT of exciting things have been happening in my world including my soon to launch "shoppe"! 

A spin off from All Things Style .....
Style Trader. 

I can't wait to share all the exciting products with you.It should be a week till the big launch.

Watch this space!

Anyway best be off, many things to do!
L xx

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