January 28, 2013

New App: Vine 28.01.13

Hello my name is Lisa and I am addicted to Vine! 
To my husband's complete disgust I have found another awesome social networking app and it's name is Vine. To give you a brief run down, Vine esentially is like Instagram BUT it is video as opposed to pics and if you are like me and totally obsessed with Instagram stalking purusing your most stylish friends you will love to take a virtual look into their day to day lives.

So ladies get on board, get into this new riduclously addictive app and come search for me @ 
Let me know if you are already on Vine and Ill search you out!

L xx


  1. second lady mad about vine today and I am in too! also very good blog! you have a lovely style.

    1. It's is very addictive.....I am liking it more and more.

      Thank you! The blog is a great creative outlet. There is alot of exciting things happening so be sure to keep on reading.
      L xoxo