February 22, 2013

Did you get the Neon Memo?! So hot right now

What do you think? 
Are you loving Style Trader?? 
I hope so! I have had an absolute blast this week packing and wrapping up all the orders! 
Thank you to everyone that has been online and made a purchase. We have sold out of so many things already!!! I can't believe it.
Keep the orders coming. 

So, did you get the memo? 
"Neon is so hot right now" 
Check out these fantastic pieces from Emeldo not only are they neon but they either have tassels or pom poms..Oh my!
 These ridiculously cute and exceptionally well priced pieces are all on line now. 

We are also excited to introduce you to MCMC fragrances.

Style-Trader is the sole Australian stockist of these gorgeous fragrances and candles... be sure to check them out and be one of the first to own an MCMC product and smell oh so divine!
In the next few days Anne McClain the creator of MCMC will be answering some Q & A's for All Things Style. 

Happy Friday Ladies & I would love to know what you think about Style Trader.Drop me a message.

L xx

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