May 23, 2013

Just a few things: 23.05.13

Yesterday I had a visit to my beautiful and ever so fabulous hairdresser, Renee at Suki!
If I could I would go to the hairdressers every other day, I love it....Suki seriously do the BEST head massage ever! Anyway, when I was leaving I was introduced to 
"invisi bobble" the traceless hair ring.

At first I thought it would never be able to hold  back my mane in a tight top notch, however the girls at the salon assured me that it would plus not leave that horrible mark in your hair when it has been tied back, avoid headaches because your hair band is too tight and reduce split ends. These are all things I suffer from.

the top notch with the invisi boble in action.
So last night I tied back my beautifully blow dried hair  with the "invisi bobble" and voila no tie mark! I looked like I'd stepped straight out of the salon, 24 hours later. Brilliant. Ive been wearing it all day today and again no hair mark. 

The invisi bobble comes in a variety of colours ( i chose white) in packs of 3 and are only $10! Perfecto! So ladies get onto your hairdresser and get into these. I highly recommend!
PS also makes a cute addition to the arm candy!

Today was beyond! Torrential rain, windy and cold! So to go with the dark and dreary weather an all black outfit was required. 

Nudie jeans (here), Zoe Karssen Tee (here), Witchery knit (here), KJ by Kirrlily Johnston tote (here) and the obligatory converse sneakers (here)


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