May 21, 2013

My Week: 21.05.13

This week has been full on at Style Trader HQ, aka my house. We have had builders and electricians in and out. Replacing our leaking roof, which I would be more inclined to call our water feature as opposed to a leak! We are now waiting for the rains to return to ensure that the "water feature" is no more. 
Whilst the roof was off, as it is a skillian roof,the electricians had to be on hand to put in new LED down lights (expensive but far more energy efficient than the normal old down lights) and some new fans, yes, crazy I know fans in winter you're thinking, but we had to take advantage of the roof being off to get them in for next summer. And finally we had the entire back wall of our living room removed to put in some new Stegbar stacking doors. Which have made an ENORMOUS difference to what was a rather dreary boring room.

The builders sussing out the most dodgiest of home renovations from the previous owners.

AND they are in! 
Now to get the room painted, some new flooring inside and deck out back!

In other exciting news Style Trader is set to receive a ridiculous amount of new and exciting stock! I can't wait to share all the new treasures I have sourced. Exciting new labels, home wares, artworks, jewellery AND some beautiful blankets and bags I have been designing and working on with some amazing artisans in Africa and Turkey. They are to die for! I am getting so excited just writing this.I hope you will love it are a few sneaky pics to get you excited.

pic: Cleobella Lookbook 2013

New season Rabbit fur clutch from very cool brand Cleobella! Very excited about this new range! So many fabulous bags and wallets that have been crafted using the most amazing techniques by local artisans and fabric producers. Think Ikat prints. Yummy!!!

pic: Ahoy Trader Look book 2013
These fabulous handmade artworks from Byron Bay local, Jai Vasicek. Inspired by Life, People, Love, Travel and Colour. 

New clutch, pouch, make up bag (what ever takes your fancy really) with this fabulous hot pink contrast made by artisans in Africa. 

So there you have it! A little sneaky peek and I mean teeny tiny sneak peek in to what is due in store in the up coming weeks. 

Hope you like what you see.



  1. The roof is an important part of the house, so when problems arise, it's best to contact the experts to handle the job. It's great that you did just that. A truly nice thing about having a new roof is that you will feel at ease that it will keep you safe when rain comes. Good going, Lisa!
    DeShazo Roofing

  2. A roof is a home's primary defense from the elements, so it's good to hear that you finally got your roof fixed. Seeing as you had lights and fans installed, I assume that the leak didn't cause that much damage. Here's to hoping that the repairs stick for when it rains. -Nelson@Royal Roofing and Siding