June 27, 2013

Preperation time: 27.06.13

So in a little over a month Dr. P and I will be jumping on the A380 and flying direct to LA LA land. 

It is so cold here at the moment I can barley even remember what a beautiful warm summers day even feels like, so packing for peak Californian summer will be interesting! So, I have made the executive decision to start the holiday preparation process this week!

#1 Get Fit:
I somehow have to try and get this winter body into summer body ready. I am thinking of taking on a 30 day challenge....I had better get cracking as July is only a few days away. Watch this space!But I need to do something as I need to get my bod in to these......

#2 Swimwear:

or these....


or this sporty style wanderlust tri bikini

#3 Toiletries:

Avene Thermal Spring water spray, an absolute essential for long haul international flights. 

The best invention ever! Well I think so, Dry Shampoo by Klorane. Again great for a long haul flight to look fresh as you step off the plane.  

and last but not least for the flight essentials this gorgeous Darphin Hydraskin gel cream. Perfect to keep your skin hydrated and replenished.

Would love to know what your essentials and preparations are for when you travel, all suggestions are welcome as it has been a while.

L xx

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